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Through our extensive experience in the automotive industry we are able to construct a campaign to suit the individual needs of the auto market. We have first hand experience working in a dealership and understand the pressures and goals at all levels of management. Below is some of the marketing channels and service offerings that we provide. If you would like to take your dealership to the next level then contact us for a free consultation.


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Website Development

Our team of expert designers and developers can make your dealership stand out from the pack and ensure that you have the latest technology behind your site and futureproof it.

Live Chat

Ensure that your website is selling 24/7 by having our chat agents talk to your potential clients. See the full conversation of the chat with our agents, who will gather the contacts name, email and phone number. Then have your salespeople contact the hot lead and close the deal.


Eye catching press designs still hold their weight in a digital world. If you are looking to utilise the power of press, our team of designers are able to craft a custom advert for you.

Social Media

Social media is an invaluable tool to your business in many ways. Just a few of the things you can accomplish through social media include: connecting with customers, mass marketing on a small budget, gathering customer feedback to help improve your products and services, providing inexpensive customer support or launching new products.

Radio Adverts

With a wide variety of talented voice over artists we can create catchy radio adverts to promote your brand and drive customers to both your website and dealership.

Mobile Applications

We develop stunning and powerful mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms that your customers will love. Allow your customers to book a service directly from within the mobile application with just a few taps. Combine our Push Notification system to pro-actively remind users of their service interval and drive additional revenue through your Service Department.

Vehicle Search Engine

Having your vehicle inventory on your website is crucial. Our in house search engine provides all of the details your customers want to see and helps boosts your SEO strategy by avoiding nasty iframes. We can accept and deliver vehicles feeds to all the industry leaders, such as CarSales/AutoGate, Pentana, Dealer Solutions and EasyCars. Along with vehicle information from RedBook and Glass’s.


If your website is lacking quality visitors then we can help. Our variety of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) packages we can put your brand in front of the people actively searching to purchase a vehicle.

Video Production

Whatever the intended audience, video has huge benefits as a communication medium. One of the most obvious is that it can convey personality. People respond to people, whether its for marketing, brand engagement, training or informational content.

Display and Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to specifically target the people who have visited your website with engaging images on other websites. It works by creating display adverts across the Google Display Network (GDN), which gives your ad great coverage over the internet with the top 10,000 sites in Australia.

Email Marketing

Running an effective email marketing campaign can greatly boost your sales at a very low cost. Our integrated CRM helps you build your database then utilise that with targeted email campaigns. With full tracking and reporting you always know the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has some of the highest open rates of any form of marketing and can cut through the noise with such a direct form of marketing. Utilising our start of the art software we can provide full analytics on your campaign and even send responses directly to your email or lead management software.

Call Tracking

Understanding where and when your marketing is working is crucial to all businesses. Our call tracking technology lets you know which marketing channel is performing by tracking and recording every call that comes in to your dealership. You can also use the recordings for coaching and quality checks and if you miss a call you instantly get notified via email.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation campaigns ensure that you are getting the most out of the potential customers on your website by trying and testing various versions of the smae page. This method allows us to constantly refne the content we have on the website with a focus on conversion optimisation.

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Who uses our technology? The best dealerships in the land.


Waverley Volkswagen

No.1 Volkswagen volume dealer 2013 and 2014

Waverley Volkswagen is Victoria's Number 1 Volkswagen Dealership. They have earned this status and reputation over many years of dedicated customer service and competitive pricing across the range of VW vehicles.

Brookvale Mazda

Largest mazda showroom in the country No 1 selling brand in Northern beaches for 4 years

Situated in Brookvale, in the middle of Sydney's sunny Northern Beaches, Brookvale Mazda is the only Car Dealer in Brookvale that sells the fantastic New Mazda range.


Australia's Number 1 Holden Dealership 2014

Glen Waverley Holden is Australia's Number 1 Holden Dealership, providing excellent customer service and competitive pricing to thousands of happy customers. They boast a state-of-the-art showroom, with a wide range Holden cars to choose from, top-shelf customer service serving you with expertise and courteousness at all times.

Sydney City Prestige

Australia's leading prestige used car dealership

Sydney City Prestige is the perfect place to find your next used Prestige Car. Their extensive range of premium used vehicles covers every possible lifestyle requirement you may have.

Sydney City Volkswagen

Australia's Number 1 Volkswagen Dealership 2014

Sydney City Volkswagen is Australia's largest Volkswagen dealership. They have a very large showroom, service department and commercial vehicles centre to cater to all their customers. They also have a large range of quality preowned and demonstratorvehicles on site with dealer warranties.

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Internet Spend Should Match Showroom Investment

The vehicle-buying landscape has changed so much that dealers need to consider spending as much on their internet presence as they do on their showrooms, according to an analysis of digital marketing by Google.

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Marketing has Changed


It’s no secret that it takes many touch points to connect with a customer, find a quality lead or make a sale. But how do you ensure that your investments are working and that you’re not wasting money and resources? Better measurement is the answer. With our advanced analytics, it’s possible to gain valuable insights to your digital presence and understand the effect on your core business goals. All this information is contained within the platform in an easy to understand format so that you can make sense of it all.

Customer Journey


The purchasing funnel of a modern consumer is one that has a variety of touch points and each one plays an important role in the purchasing decision. Most buyers will also conduct some form of research prior to making their purchase, so it’s vital that you provide the necessary information your prospect needs to move into the next stage. The graph below dictates how different marketing channels can be used through the different stages.

Case Study - Brookvale Mazda


Product Set/Requirements

  • Technical SEO implementation
  • Off-page SEO implementation
  • Adwords Optimisation and Management


  • Most of the website’s pages were un-optimised for search engines and visitors
  • There was no established social media presence
  • No Adwords campaign was running
  • Traffic and traffic quality was low


  • The SEO team started gathering and segmenting the keywords to target in both SEO and AdWords campaigns. We created a well-structured AdWords account to target specific niches of the business. Segmenting our gathered keywords for SEO also helped us see which keywords to target in the existing pages and which are the ones that needs new landing pages.
  • To supplement our SEO efforts, we created social media profiles for the business so their customers are able to find them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • We optimised all the SEO elements of each web page such as title tags, meta descriptions, image tags as well as interlinked relevant pages for maximum exposure.
  • By identifying the right keywords to target in each page through keyword mapping, we improved the quality and quantity of traffic especially from organic searches.
  • Since we extensively researched the structure of our AdWords accounts, we were able to save time in our setup and focused on improving the targeting of the campaigns and ad groups by allocating time each month to gather negative keywords via search term reports. This effort allowed us to minimise irrelevant clicks
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