3 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Automates their Christmas

Now with certified Zapier professionals at both our Sydney and Melbourne offices, we've compiled a handy list of three of the most festive automations that we have set up this Christmas! Feel free to use these to save time and show off your innovative automation-skills to your coworkers!

Joe Hopkins
Digital Marketing Executive

No doubt you’ve heard the exciting news - CBO is officially Australia’s largest Zapier certified company! With certified Zapier professionals at both our Sydney and Melbourne offices we are very excited to start the new year keeping an eye for automatable tasks.


Zapier is an online automation tool and connects all your favourite workplace (and not so workplace) apps and programs together such as Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar and even Spotify! To put it simply, Zapier is the glue that connects over 1,500 programs and gets them to communicate and work together so you can focus on the more important jobs at hand.

As a digital marketing agency, we are always trying to automate new processes - from simple to complex and everything in between. Why? For three reasons!

1. We enjoy the challenge

2. We like to stay ahead of the curve

3. It’ll save time in the long term

So, as my little Christmas gift to you, I’ve compiled a handy list of three of the coolest automations that we have set up this Holiday Season that you can use to save time and show off your innovative automation-skills to your coworkers!

1. Sending out Christmas Cards (Easy Difficulty)

Using our favourite Marketing Automation tool Autopilot we can easily send out Christmas postcards or emails! You’d be mad not to be sending out a Merry Christmas email or postcard to all your business partners (and even your family and friends) this time of year as it's a free opportunity to get your name out there and improve relationships with clients. Being a digital marketing agency, we love sending email blasts - but they need to be done well and authentically otherwise they will be immediately ignored or deleted.

Using Autopilot’s easy-to-use interface shown here, we can see we have a simple ‘send an email to all our customers’ journey.

Autopilot has a variety of easy to use automation features. Simply drag, drop or upload lists of your customer databases to your online account for simple, secure cloud storage. Another amazing feature about Autopilot is that you can personalise each individual email you send. As you can see here, we fill in the details of our customer’s names and businesses so no two emails are the same!


Autopilot automatically fills out these customer’s details from our database and Voila! Easy, peasy personalised Christmas emails! Who needs cards and gift baskets when you have digital technology like this available?

 2. Updated Signatures Image (Medium Difficulty) 

Now, this one is a little more complex, but has a really nifty effect at the end of the day. You may have noticed that we updated our CBO Signatures to include a little Santa hat this Christmas. 

Instead of getting each individual staff member to update their signatures manually through their Gmail settings, we managed to do this in one swift motion. 

The trick here is that we have all our staff signatures directly linked to the same master image on our intranet and when this master image is edited or replaced, all the staff signature images get updated and replaced as well. The best part is no-one can tell the copies from the real one!

Once you understand this process - the automation part is simple. We simply made a google calendar event with a certain time and date, which would trigger a simple zap to replace the CBO logo master image on the intranet with the new Santa hat logo- thereby updating everyone’s email signature in one quick motion with no work required!

Just don't forget to create another calendar event to reverse back to the original CBO logo when Christmas is over! Nobody wants to be that person with the Christmas decorations still out mid January...

3. Creating a Christmas Playlist (Hard Difficulty)

This one is a little more complex than the previous two, but was a fun challenge nonetheless. This year we created a Christmas playlist entirely though the magic of automation!

Using our work #Christmas slack channel, we added an action that required the user to submit an artist and a song request. This would trigger a Zap which would search for the song and artist on our CBO Spotify account and add it to our Christmas playlist. As you can see, I’ve tested it with the greatest Australian Christmas song of all time: 

Clicking submit would send this information up to the Zapier cloud, which would filter out any unnecessary words from the exported payload, search and locate the track on Spotify and then add it to our Christmas playlist. All in one fell swoop. I have included a screenshot of the zap process to help explain the 5 steps required for this automation to work.

Get your festive jams on this Christmas with this relatively simple automation. 

And there you have it! From myself and everyone here at CBO, have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year - See you all in 2020 and don't be a stranger! Let us know if you need a hand understand Zapier, Automation or CRM tasks.

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