6 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Franchises

As the franchise marketing industry is growing very rapidly, there is a need to develop tactics to beat the competition and attract new potential customers. So it’s time to implement digital marketing strategies in your multi-location business plan in 2020.

Reethu Reddy
SEO Marketing Specialist

With franchise marketing, you really need a solid local marketing strategy plan for both your corporate business and franchise to get in front of the right local audience in today’s heavy competition.

Smart digital marketing strategies can help grow your franchisees significantly and promote their location to the targeted people in the right way.

Here are the top 5 insights that can help boost your rankings of individual franchisees.

1. Create a well designed & quality website with specific landing pages for each franchise business location.

Your business website should be the heart of your marketing strategy where people can find your locations and get directions.

It should be fast, secure and mobile friendly. Brand consistency should be maintained across all franchise locations.

Each franchise location should have a specific landing page with unique, location-specified content so that searchers can easily find your nearest franchise location.

All these location pages should be up-to-date with the accurate information about your business such as name, address, phone number and operating hours.

2. Create a blog for content marketing to grow your local franchises

Content is king for growing your business and brand. It’s very important to understand the local nuances in order to reach your local market 

High quality content positively impacts your business search results. Content such as blog posts  are an excellent way to attract and nurture loyal customers to your individual franchise locations.

Blogging is mainly a website content channel to get in touch with your local audience and providing them with helpful, relevant information that they are actually searching for.

It also has the potential to help reach a wider keyword targeting, allowing greater chances in increasing the website’s organic traffic.

As a result of this, you are able to build brand authority and trustworthiness in your specific industry on search engines. 

The greater visibility that your business inquiries on search engines, the easier you are able to  showcase you as an expert within your local market.

Creating guest content for other websites, such as Guest Posting, can bring new audiences for your brand and generate leads and sales to your business. 

3. Local SEO Strategy helps your franchise location pages to appear high in local searches

Local search engine optimisation is one of the most important SEO strategies of online franchise marketing.

According to HubSpot:

  • 88% of consumers who search for a local business on a smartphone visit or call that business within the same day.
  • 46% of Google searches are of people seeking local information.
  • 97% of people want to learn more about local companies online than any other source.

When someone searches on Google for a local business, you need your franchisee’s locations to display on the top.

Here comes the play of Local SEO.

It helps bring your franchise listing in front of your customers eye.

Use location keywords strategically throughout each franchise website to capture your local and mobile searchers.

Incorporate keywords that are optimised for voice search such as phrases like “near me”.

Each franchise should be listed on Google My Business page as well as in local directory listings like Yelp, Yellow Pages, True Local and review sites to improve your local presence.

Your Business name, address and phone number (NAP) should be consistent across the Internet, whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn or your website’s header, footer and contact page.

Build authoritative backlinks from other domains to your each store location pages to gain the domain authority and trust of your brand.

4. Review sites build trust and authority

Reviews are one of the most significant ranking factors for local businesses like franchises. According to Moz, Google My Business signals and review signals are two of the top three local pack/finder ranking factors.

Responding to online reviews on a regular basis shows prospects that you are committed to customer service.

Regardless of any negative comments you got, quick response to customer inquiries, compliments or complaints let your prospects know how you handle customer relationships.

5. Maintain strong social media presence

More importantly for a franchise, Social media is a powerful tool to reach your global audience and local markets easily.

It helps to increase your brand awareness, thus helping boost your company’s share of voice through both online and offline media. 

Social media helps to engage your target market and generate sales through virtual conversations and interactions. 

It is recommended for franchise businesses to utilise social media marketing strategies to a greater extent rather than any business. This is because it is critical for each franchisee to create and stand in a unique marketing position compared to others. 

Keeping that in mind, every single location should run their own social media campaigns to build stronger relationships, brand loyalty and, more importantly, a unique local brand identity.

6. Paid Search Campaigns increases your Brand Visibility

PPC is the perfect marketing strategy for franchise business to target consumers in specific markets with ads and landing pages for individual franchise locations.

It can help you rank at the top of search engine pages in a much shorter time frame, thus increasing brand visibility and helping to boost your conversions.

Paid Search Ads Example

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