CRM Marketing Automation - Generating HYPE for new Sydney Zoo

An example of using CRM Marketing Automation to generate virality for the new Sydney Zoo - both internationally and nationally.

Kenneth Zhu
Digital Marketing Executive

In this blog we'll be referencing the latest Sydney Zoo to demonstrate how an integrated CRM marketing automation strategy can generate customer hype for its grand opening. The end goal? Generate word of mouth and, of course, a ton of visitors in the first week of its grand opening!

So, quick background information

The new Sydney Zoo is an independent company, effectively competing with Taronga Zoo and other wildlife exhibition centres in Sydney from the get-go. Even well before the opening, its competitors have already taken the new Zoo to court to protest its choice of name as “Sydney Zoo”.

Despite all of this, it is scheduled to open to the public this December.

With that in mind, how can the new Sydney Zoo win market share from existing Zoos?

How can it win the hearts of its first wave of visitors? More importantly, how can it encourage word of mouth and facilitate viral social media sharing?

One way of doing this is through the innovative strategies that are enabled by CRM marketing automation. It offers extreme levels of personalisation for businesses talking to new leads like never before. 

Let’s go over one simple yet effective solution to make the new Sydney Zoo’s opening an enormous success. To do this, we would need five tools - 

  1. A website form
  2. Zapier
  3. Google sheet or CRM software
  4. Nifty Images
  5. Autopilot

It is awesome to see that the Sydney Zoo’s website already has a form for interested Sydneysiders to fill in for opening ticket notifications. 

The cool thing is that, with Zapier enabled, it would mean that all lead information that is inputted into the web form is automatically imported into the Google sheet. Alternatively, a CRM software such as Salesforce would work as well. 

For your information, Zapier is an integration tool that communicates data between platforms and channels. It therefore plays an important role in CRM marketing automation.

Once we have collected the lead’s name and email, we can create a highly personalised image to be incorporated in EDMs. This can be done automatically through mapping the email address across social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

These photos and names can then be used to compose a personalised image using Nifty images. 

Automating the delivery

Using autopilot, the EDM containing the image and personalised message can be sent out, attached with automated actions depending on the viewer’s response or no response. For instance, some of these could include clicking on a call to action within the email, a link within the email, or that they do not open the EDM at all. 

The people who opened the email would be informed about a 50% refund of their ticket price upon exiting the Zoo if they manage to find all Zoo animals on the day within 3 hours. To be qualified for this offer, they must upload all photos of themselves with the animal and tag Sydney Zoo on social media. They are also encouraged to bring their friends to increase their chances of success. This would be effective as the benefit (50% fund) correlates strongly with the fun that the visitors wish to experience when visiting the zoo. That is, they want to see as many animals as possible - humans are innately curious and desires complete experience. 

Included in the EDM, the leads are asked for their phone numbers to receive SMS images on the range of animals that they can expect to find at the Zoo. From here, the autopilot tool allows Sydney Zoo to automate the sending of weekly photos of animals to keep customers on their toes towards open day.

Of course, Sydney Zoo would able to capture the number of tags and mentions across all their social networks on the first week of opening. This would be sufficient to make a newsworthy headline to be put across Sydney’s news channels as well as global networks. Here, we can imagine how national and international hype and awareness can be generated not just the Zoo’s opening but its brand. An excellent way to create attention! 

For the people who did not open the EDM, but submitted a ticket notification web form, they can be automatically added into an email list. All users on this email list would be exposed to Google display ads, containing an advertising message about the exciting 50% refund reward. Upon clicking the ad, they will be directed to a Sydney Zoo landing page in which their email address and SMS would be asked. 

This effectively takes loss warm leads back into the cycle again that would otherwise be loss opportunities! What is even better is that everything we talked about here is automated! All triggers and actions can be set up and be run smoothly - saving time and minimising errors. 

A bonus benefit to having running CRM Marketing Automation is that it brings in a high number of returning visitors back onto the Sydney Zoo website. 

Did you know that returning visitors is one of the top 10 ranking factors in SEO in 2019 & moving forward? To find out exactly why this is the case, read our SEO blog.

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