Email Marketing for Small Business Growth

Email Marketing for Small Business Growth

If you want one business growth tool that delivers maximum ROI, you can't beat the potential of email marketing. While social media marketing might seem more exciting, email outreach continues to drive results year after year. Statistics offered by eMarketer highlighted that 86% of marketers surveyed listed email marketing as their most effective tool for customer retention. If you want to utilise email outreach to grow your small business, it is imperative you know what you're doing. Review the following seven tips for business owners to ensure your email marketing campaigns live up to their potential.

1. Permission

Opt-in permission is crucial. Never subscribe anyone to your email marketing list without their explicit approval. Just because they offer you their email address to receive a discount coupon or one-time download, that doesn't mean they want to be on your subscriber list. Making people unsubscribe from your marketing emails when they never signed up for them in the first place leaves a negative impression of your brand and can also land you on a blacklist from certain email providers if your unsubscribe rate is unusually high.

2. Intention

Have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish with each email you send. If you don't identify your intention, you can't measure your results. Consumers hate receiving 'just keeping in touch' emails. Have a reason for sending each email and make sure that reason benefits the recipient, not you.

3. Mobile-Friendly

Test your emails on multiple devices before sending. Today's consumers are increasingly viewing content on their mobile devices. While fancy headers and email graphics might look great on a laptop screen, your mobile subscribers might be having a less-than pleasant experience viewing your emails due to slow download speeds.

4. Speed

Speaking of mobile consumers, data usage is of huge importance. Don't fill your emails with huge graphics that eat up their data plans. If you want to ensure your subscriber list shrinks each time you send an email, data hogging is the way to go.

5. Reporting

Tracking your email marketing efforts is essential. Dive into your data to understand subject lines that work best, device usage, open rates and unsubscribe trends.

6. Unsubscribe Options

Make sure recipients have an easy way to unsubscribe from your emails. Don't make them log into an account just to say 'thanks, but no thanks' to your emails. A one-click unsubscribe option is essential if you don't want to irritate potential customers.

7. Relevant Content

Keeping your subscribers informed of your business' activities isn't an excuse to fill their email inbox with updates. When consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the number of emails they receive, don't let your company be the one sending irrelevant content on a weekly basis. Before you send an email, look at it from the recipient's point of view and see if your content passes the 'so what' test. Lukewarm content all but guarantees your subscribers will opt out.

Email marketing can be a powerful brand-building tool if used correctly. Failing to prioritise your recipients' needs over your own could end up costing you a valuable customer. Focus on exceeding expectations each time you send an email and you can't go wrong.

How many of these tips will you incorporate into your email outreach efforts this year?


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Shane McGeorge
Shane McGeorge
Managing Director

I focus on offering clients, quite literally, a complete online business solution. I enjoy helping our clients grow by building their business through executing a variety of different digital marketing campaigns.  

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