Enterprise SEO: How to Scale Digitally while Winning Locally

Enterprise SEO: How to Scale Digitally while Winning Locally


Building a brand and generating sales in an online world can often boil down to outsmarting competitors at the game of Google searches. Large-scale marketing was never really a walk in the park, but the increased proliferation of digital in everything has made it even tougher to gain and retain customer attention. 

A strategic, enterprise SEO strategy often acts like a well-placed billboard in a high-traffic location. Your brand generates all the new leads it needs while staying relevant to existing customers.

From our experience in helping large, multi-location businesses build sustainable online presences while boosting revenue and retention, the following areas need to be addressed to effectively implement SEO at scale.

Strategy and Stakeholder Alignment

Before diving into the actual SEO stuff, let’s address a key component. Unless you happen to be a fan of repetitive meetings on variations of the same agenda, it makes sense to call a business huddle right as you tee off.  

Effective SEO does not work in a silo, and that top spot in Google’s search results is often the result of collaboration between various departments and teams. On-page SEO and tweaks to a large website will require IT to come on-board, marketing will get involved in content creation and other things, while sales and operations will help translate online efforts into tangible KPIs and internal metrics.

As a digital agency, this is probably the most important part for us. Listening to stakeholders and explaining how anything we do will involve their individual business function is central to a cohesive and dynamic large-scale SEO effort.

Setting the Technical Gears into Action

After all stakeholders are tactically aligned, the first course of action is to ensure that your site is technically optimised and search-engine friendly. The extensive technical checklist is not the purpose here, but rather the ultimate goal.

Your website architecture should intrinsically offer a flawless user experience, navigability, and be easily accessible by search engine crawlers. The key is to have both, customers and Google, easily find your content. Also, multi-location brands need to have a keyword strategy that is comprised of multiple “keyword families.” On a national and local level, these keyword groups should:

  • cover your service/product(s)
  • be used by your target audience, and
  • have the potential to translate into revenue and value 

Most importantly, as Google continues to evolve and so do its guidelines and algorithms, ensuring compliance is the only way to sustained ranking. The search-engine giant is also heading towards a mobile-first indexation practice, so optimising your website for mobile devices has never been as crucial as it is now.

Content Creation and Marketing that Actually Works

A simple Google search can open the floodgates to thousands of content sources for users in seconds. For your web content to out-muscle everything else and clinch the first page spot, it needs to:

  • align with the user’s need and be relevant enough to prevent them from bouncing off
  • help you establish your authority in your niche, as well as thought leadership
  • incorporate strategically relevant keywords that you want to rank for

All of this begins by defining the core purpose. For one of our enterprise clients that happens to be the leader in the Australian skin care market, the purpose is very clear: to be the one-stop solution for all of the customer’s skin care needs.

We work with the client to translate it into various types of content which not only address the user’s need, but also educates them about the treatment process. This establishes trust in the service while driving bookings and consultations.

Link Building and Influencer Engagement

Backlinks can often become the pain-point for many SEO initiatives if not approached the right way. A successful backlink strategy at the enterprise level leverages your PR strengths and uses them to amplify your business through various authoritative and related websites. Getting links back from such sites increases your own value for search engines, pushing you up the SERPs.

Our backlink strategy at the enterprise often involves extensive collaboration with the marketing and PR functions, ensuring that all such efforts also feed into SEO. Most importantly, by running extensive industry intelligence, we rapidly identify influencers that can be leveraged for driving conversion-oriented traffic back to the client’s site, while passing on significant “link juice” or SEO value.

The key is to identify the right mix of backlink opportunities at the national, as well as local level. For example, an influencer with thousands of followers might be more suitable on a broader level, while having a local franchise sponsor a community event and getting a backlink to their individual page can do wonders for local SEO.

The 3 As of Success: Audit, Analyse, and Adjust

Always keep in mind that SEO, especially at the enterprise level, is an ongoing process that involves a lot of tweaks as you go along. Regular audits and analysis of what’s working is crucial to sustaining progress while building on top. For us, this is a deeply data-driven exercise that helps us to make adjustments where necessary.

The results of this approach for our clients, and other large sites will be the same though. Consistent top results and achievement of corporate objectives powered by a holistic SEO regimen.




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Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed

I help large brands and small businesses with powerful and multi-channel digital marketing strategies. I use an agile approach that aligns your business objectives with a variety of digital channels to deliver optimal customer reach and online success.

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