How Your Franchise Business Can Build An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Trishia Mariano
Digital Marketing Manager

You own a franchise business? 

In the world of franchisees and franchisors, there’s a lot of things you could do to secure more customers in social media marketing, but it’s hard to know what will drive the most cost-effective results. Reaching the right balance means a clear top-line strategy and leveraging the economies of scale inherent in franchise networks, while taking advantage of local customer habits; market, local weather, community demographics, competition, and much more. 

While there is no one size fits all approach, there are foundation SMM strategies that every franchisee or franchisors can benefit from.

Know your brand 

Your vision will shape your strategy. Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, where your business is trying to go, and how you’re going to go about it are the glue that holds a business together.

And when it’s time to start engaging with customers on social media, all your communications should align with your brand’s vision and mission. 

It’s important to be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats too. Using these, you can make informed data and experience-driven decisions that will definitely benefit your social media marketing strategy.

Boosting your brand awareness

Each social network serves a different purpose and targets different audiences. Here are a few areas where handling your social media presence can be helpful:

Monitor your social media.

Build better buyer personas.

Create localised contents.

Marketing automation is the key

Do you know what makes social media marketing successful? Consistency! 

Let’s be real - handling your social media presence is a lot of work, especially for franchise business. A lot of interaction with your current and potential customers happens through social media channels. Everyone’s expectations regarding response times and the quality of customer service are growing. 

It’s important to be consistent in your messaging as well as your frequency and volume. Using social media automation can help your business in many ways. 

Here are 3 key areas of social media marketing in which you can use automation:

  1. Publishing content 

Publishing a social post usually takes a minute or two. But what about publishing to several accounts, across different social media platforms on a regular basis? It’s such a challenge when done manually! 

  1. Paid campaign retargeting

Competition is steep in paid social campaigns. To be able to reach a satisfying ROI, you have to make sure that proper account setup, optimisation, and analysis of your paid contents are all on par. By automating your paid social campaigns, you’re not only saving time optimising your targeting - it also gives you the security in budget allocation. Winner!

  1. Customer care

Automated moderation can boost the quality of your customer service on social media. Applying automatic replies bring down your response time. This will improve your team’s capacity to focus on more complex customer inquiries. 

Observe your competitors

Every business today operates under intense competition and tries everything to gain market share. To stay competitive, it’s necessary to observe the market continuously and make a consecutive market observation. Understanding your online competitors and the why’s & the where’s they outperform your business is a crucial component to building a successful social media marketing campaigns. 

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Compare your brand and look at how your competitors use each social media platform. This requires a manual review. It’s easy to gauge how active brands are by answering questions such as: When was the last time they posted? Are there long spans of time between each post? Do they respond to customer’s comments?

Keeping up to the trend is one way to stay on track of your competitor's activity. When observing your competitor’s social media strategy, look at key things such as the percentage of their promotional activities. It may be a little tricky to decipher promotional and non-promotional posts. Rule of thumb: promotional posts have a call-to-action!

In the end, whether you're a franchisee or a franchisor - it’s all about comparing your brand’s metrics and data to the competition. Making necessary adjustments to your strategy will help you outperform them!

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