Creative Marketing Case Study: Mexico City

Step-By-Step: We break down an approach that you can use when tackling a marketing problem that requires a creative solution.

Kenneth Zhu
Digital Marketing Executive

If you had been living in Mexico for the past 5 years, you would certainly understand the problem in regards to protest supersaturation. On any typical day, there are more than 10 protests occurring on the streets of Mexico City.

We all know that protests are movements in demand for a change. A change that aims to improve the quality of life. Ironically, the high frequency of these movements are doing more harm than good. It is severely hindering the daily functioning of many areas of life - everything from traffic to restaurants to schools.

Marketing problem that required a creative solution.

It is a problem that is faced by many individuals and organisations in Mexico - How we can reduce the number the Mexicans protesting on the street yet empower them to demand for change?

This blog post will show you one creative approach to solve this marketing challenge! Not just that, it will show you everything from ad concept to craft.

Let's dive into it!

To come up with a solution to this brief, it is vital to realise the following:

  • There are underlying reasons that are driving the protests in Mexico City. This has to be addressed.
  • The reason behind the prolonged, supersaturated protests is that protesters are not being 'heard'. So, this also need to be covered in the final execution of the strategy.

Together, this leads to the marketing insight:

Once we have the insight, the next stage would be to come up with the strategy.

Instead of protesters claiming that they are not being heard, we figured a better solution is to demonstrate this experience to Mexicans and global citizens who may not be as heavily affected by the protest.

Therefore, our strategy is to unexpectedly interrupt the lives of these people as a new form of a protest.

This became our marketing strategy:

Now that we know we want to temporarily disrupt everyday moments in non-harmful way, it is time to see the different ways in which they can be achieved.

There are many mediums in which they can be done. To help with this decision, we looked into the way of lives of people living in Mexico City.

It was found that over 80% of Mexicans have access to mobile phone and data in 2019.

We also found that Youtube and Spotify were amongst their top 3 digital channels.

So, we decided to take the disruption into the digital space.

With that, this became our marketing idea:

Since we are trying to demonstrate how the protesters in Mexico City are not being heard by the government, we thought that this should be mirrored in our selected digital channels: Youtube & Spotify.

It became clear to us after some thinking that 'Hearing' and 'Audio' are similar.

Therefore, we decided to disrupt the audio of both Spotify & Youtube.

This lead to our marketing technique:

All the hard work is now done. It is simply demonstrating this in a quick demonstration mockup for pitching!

A draft mockup of Spotify ad execution:

On Spotify, we can have artists releasing a new single song. The audio is deliberately cut out at the chorus. Here, the artist announcement comes in to raise awareness that the cut in audio was deliberate & to show how Mexicans are not being heard by their government.

A call to action is made to encourage people to visit the master website to learn in detail of the protest problems in Mexico.

A similar execution can be made on Youtube:

Just a simplistic mockup for the website:

Just because we all like to see things visually right?

Website execution for the case study:

As mentioned, on the website, it is possible for all the underlying issues of the protests to be revealed in greater detail.

This has the benefit of minimising the amount of communication that is required to be assigned to the Youtube & Spotify ad executions.

It is always good advice to have multiple channels in your marketing strategy so that each channel can maximise its communication power!

And there we have it!

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