What is Thin Content and How to Avoid It

Google is a modern day Library of Alexandria. Over 67% of people globally go directly to Google in order to find answers. As digital marketers, the level of service we provide is contingent on how well we understand Google's mysterious algorithm. We apply industry best practice, by focusing on our customers and applying the correct technical setup, in order to help our clients rank for the long term
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Why Your Company Needs Content Marketing

Content Marketing doesn't get lost in the sea of traditional marketing as it provides useful and relevant information as the attraction model.
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Social Media for Car Dealers

Social media marketing is something many car dealerships both big and small tend to shy away from. Often, they leave the social media efforts to the brands they offer (Holden, Ford, Honda etc) and under utilise their social channels.
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Content Production Without Lifting A Finger

In 2003, engineers at Google filed a patent that would pave the way for SEO forever. The patent’s called Document Scoring Based on Document Content Update. And not only did it reveal bits and secrets on how Google’s search engine ranks and indexes pages (that only top executives know), but it also gave valuable insight on Google’s search engine algorithm for years to come.
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