Two Digital Trends You need to Know

The commercial social media landscape changes rapidly, but the overarching trend is towards greater personalisation of marketing messages. The goal is to offer compelling content that can be tailored to individual users. The latest technologies allow a customised interface, where each potential customer receives a unique mix of content based on her preferences history. Marketers access user profile data, past history, and implicit and explicit user preferences. This is far more effective than blasting the same message to 100,000 followers, the old school social media approach. Customers benefit because they receive content that is personalised and meaningful to them, and marketers benefit from increased response and conversion rates. So which new platforms are most popular and where should your business be focusing? In this article we look at Periscope and Snapchat and how their features can be leveraged to promote your business.
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Why Social Media is vital for your business

Social media is an invaluable tool to your business in many ways. Just a few of the things you can accomplish through social media include: Connecting with customers, Mass marketing on a small budget, Gathering customer feedback to help improve your products and services, Providing inexpensive customer support or Launching new products. Whatever the intention, Social media lets you effectively and efficiently reach out to current customers and market to potential clients, research and gain information about your competitors, and keep up with news and trends in your industry.
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Comparing Boosted, Unpublished and Promoted Posts

If you want to promote your business through your Facebook page, how can you get the best return for your budget? Business owners are often confused with the various available options for promoting content via Facebook, and some aren't even aware that there are significant differences between each type of sponsored post. There are three options for promoting content on Facebook: boosted posts, promoted posts, and newsfeed ads. Let's take a look at the three options and see which perform the best.
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Using Social Media to Drive Traffic to Landing Pages

Read any article about digital marketing and you're sure to be told about the importance of your social media strategy. In fact, statistics show a much higher conversion rate for SEO and social media leads than from outbound sales efforts (14.6 percent vs. only 1.7 percent). But how do you turn the time and effort you spend attracting Twitter followers, Facebook post engagement, and posting on LinkedIn to actual webpage traffic?
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