Secrets from a Qualified Zapier Marketing Agency

We love Zapier, and regularly use it in almost all of our marketing strategies. Saving time and increasing efficiency is a welcome achievement, but outside of syncing applications lies a word of automation tactics that can expand your marketing potential. With this in mind, let’s focus on learning more about the capabilities that exist within the marketing realms and how marketing agencies should be adapting their strategies to align with your business objectives, efficiencies and customer acquisition plans.

Stuart Halley
Head of Marketing

If you’ve haven’t heard about it, Zapier helps bridge over 2,000 web applications and is a common tool when creating automated workflows between systems. Using a series of triggers and actions, commonly referred to as “Zaps”, allows users a plethora of ways to save time and increase efficiencies. This is great for brands using a range of systems that feed into their operational standards, but setting up a simple data connection is just the tip of the iceberg.

Advance Trick from Zapier Experts

As a qualified Zapier agency, we speak to a range of clients across Australia looking for automated solutions to aid their day-to-day operations. Efficiency is great, but the capabilities of data intelligence is really starting to redefine the way marketing operations can scale and develop overtime.

Let’s explore some of our favourite ‘game changing’ secrets below on how we use Zapier to create real-time strategies that compliment your business standards.

Build Real-Time Audience Segments

It’s a simple place to start, yet highly efficient by utilising the systems you’ve already connected. This takes the tried and tested method of audience segmentation, usually done through conversion capture points and website analytics data, and spins it on its head.

The data you want for your marketing campaigns already exists in the Zapier connections you’ve established, you just need to compile the data into groups and categories.

  • Create audience segments for site visits who don’t convert. (adaptive remarketing)
  • Create audience segments for known users to exclude from marketing activities.
  • Create geographical segments for franchise businesses (Sydney vs Melbourne)
  • Create adaptive segments on the fly based on user actions, engagements and interests.

This is a common strategy we use across clients to feed their marketing funnel(s) in real-time based on user action, saving on media budget and management overall. It also makes for a great up-sell opportunity when integrating with Autopilot or Google/ Facebook re-marketing campaigns.

For example; you can easily build audience segments captured from your website through CRM systems such as Pipedrive, push audiences into Autopilot and share segments with Google Ads & Facebook or send emails/ SMS comms.

This opens up opportunities for real-time strategy development based on where customers are placed in your sales funnel. Looking to cross-sell or up-sell clients? Exclude users from acquisition channel marketing activities? Take your marketing to the next level and build automated strategies that feed of user actions, engagements and interests.

Digital Marketing Outside of the Box

Your marketing automation plans shouldn’t be restricted based on the systems you synchronise. The capabilities of Zapier go far beyond that of just connecting the software components you use to create an opportunity.

Even if capabilities don’t exist within your system, there’s still a way to make a marketing automation strategy work. We regularly export data from marketing channel insights, including Google Analytics, to use as part of our marketing tactics. Not only does this help streamline business operations but it creates new opportunities based that otherwise might not exist.

Automate your workflow with Zapier

For example; populating a spreadsheet with data captured from users activities can help automate channel strategies. We currently capture user specific GCLID ID’s (Google Click Identifier’s) on a keyword level when users sign-up to client websites. This allows us to weight our keyword ranking strategy and build adaptive audience lists based on historical performance measures and ROAS. In addition to this we can deep-dive keyword attribution tactics to collate organic/ SEO, paid search and social media/ Facebook lead gen contributions.

The entire process also aligns with audience segmentation plans as outlined above, progressing users through an intricate sales funnel that nurtures growth and customer sentiment. We currently run this strategy for retail Zapier integrations, identifying high value customers who return to the website as a part of our up-sell/ cross-sell strategy for identified customers.

The point is that just because something doesn’t exist as an out of the box solution, doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish it. Digital marketing has evolved beyond the simple channel integration stage, and with automation at the helm the opportunities of what you can achieve are only restricted by your imagination. We challenge agency standards by thinking outside the box to create custom marketing plans that scale over time. What does your marketing agency do differently?

Have a Real Conversation with Customers on Social Media

Social media continues to grow from strength to strength, but the way we engage and use social media has adapted rapidly over the past few years. Personalised experiences continue to play a vital role in building brand authority, sentiment and establishing lifetime fans of your brand/ products.

It used to be ‘good enough’ to simply create a social media ad and let it float across a wide target audience to capture interest. This worked but became intrusive to users over time, creating a negative sentiment with users who had moved beyond the initial acquisition phase. Remarketing helped alleviate this through adaptive lists, however was typically still a broad experience segmented by the products users had viewed. We approach this all a bit differently for each of our clients, focusing on the engagement side of marketing and allowing the user to be in control.


We use a range of automations features with Facebook Ads to create a fully immersive advertising experience. This combines a range of advertising outcomes and integrates them with engagement triggers aimed towards a specific end-goal. 

An example of this would be a user engaging with a branded lead-gen ad, to then receive a direct message from the brand offering a discount offer/ coupon either via Facebook Messenger or SMS. Furthermore, lead gen ads can be shared and fed directly into your CRM system (such as Pipedrive or Salesforce) giving you limitless opportunities for more content integration to then segment audiences.

The options are seemingly endless and restricted by only your imagination and system integrations. We recently developed a fully immersive social automation strategy for a Sydney based client that focuses on engagement and customer satisfaction whilst also acting as a referral programme for loyal customers/ fans of the brand. All of this is done through complete automation with hands-off management, saving time & money across the board.

Does your marketing agency use Zapier for their automated growth plans?

Like it or not, digital marketing has adapted quickly over the past 5-6 years especially here in Australia. From my time working between Sydney & Melbourne, the majority of marketing agencies still operate in channel silos alongside a developing trend of outsourcing their work. Not only is it important to understand how your agency operates, but being proactive in driving efficiencies and capturing low hanging fruit across every opportunity.

At CBO, we believe it’s essential to deliver a seamless experience and a positive brand sentiment overall and put your marketing strategy to work. We’d love to speak with you to better understand your business objectives and discuss how Zapier might be the solution to your needs. What’ve you got to lose? Contact us today.

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