SEO for Automotive Dealers

SEO for Automotive Dealers

Better leads make better business—that’s a basic truth in the automotive world. Dealers know that closing the deal depends upon linking the right person to the right car or product. This is especially true of the digital world where only the best SEO strategy is successful in making these connections.

Without an effective SEO campaign, a website won’t be seen because it won’t show up on the first page of the search results. If a website is not seen, no online introduction between a potential customer and a dealership is possible.

One major factor in SEO is the quality of the content on the site. Content should be informative, interesting, accurate and updated on a regular basis. (To learn more about the importance of great content, read our blog post on content marketing). Another important factor involves how the website is experienced across all platforms. In order for SEO to be effective, there must be a smooth interaction with all the website versions, including tablet and mobile. Considering the number of customers who search on their phones for their dream cars, a seamless mobile website experience is extremely important.

Here are three prime considerations when improving the SEO of an automotive dealership website:


The relevance of a page is dependent upon how interactive the page is and the quality of the resources it contains. Pages that are more resource-based and highly interactive will rate higher in Search Engines than simple landing pages. To really boost the relevance, feature a blog and make sure the blog is full of the most current car industry news. In the SEO world, higher quality content equals higher Search Engine rankings.


Make sure that the website content is in sync with the local market because of the way Google calculates the search algorithm, local listings are more prominent in the search results, showing up much closer to the top.

Another way to highlight local attractions is to feature them on unique pages on the site. Advertising a rare vintage car or hosting a charity car wash can bring in local customers to experience the dealership in person.


Personalised page content not only reaches out to customers, it also improves the sites visibility. To improve SEO, content should be customised for the local customer as well as personalised. One way to do this is to create detailed employee bios, which helps customers connect to the company.

Another way to add the human touch is to include why the dealership is unique and how the company and the employees contribute to the community.

Once the new content is in place, it’s important to track the SEO results of the changes and note the improvements. Ongoing enhancements and updates to improve the quality of the content will also provide a continual improvement of SEO results.

Helpful Tips

Avoid using external plug-ins that use sub-domains or external URL's like the CarSales search engine plug-in. They do not add any SEO relevance to the site if they are not on the main domain. Instead, we recommend you invest in an internal detailed Vehicle Search Engine to allow the Search Engines to index all of your vehicles. We're experts at creating these search engines (view some of our work here: - contact us to learn more.


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