Simplifying Things to Satisfy and Retain Clients

Simplifying Things to Satisfy and Retain Clients

Digital agencies put in a lot of hard work to consistently achieve goals for clients. From constantly calibrating campaigns to usually being neck-deep in analytics and data, ensuring month on month growth is no easy task. And the same applies to development projects where teams grind it out to meet deadlines and deliver projects that exceed client expectations.

However, even after all the hard work is done, KPIs are met, and projects are delivered, a massive pain point for many agencies remains effectively communicating the value of their efforts to clients. Sure targets that are met will continue to keep the client’s business, but next-level trust and client relationships are the result of an agency’s toil and sweat presented to clients in a tailored fashion.

Reporting should be more than just the collation of data or numbers on spreadsheets; it’s the humanised presentation of how the agency’s efforts revolved around the nucleus of the client’s business objectives.

Simplifying technicalities and connecting everything to business goals is the approach to reporting that leads to client satisfaction, retention, and eventually revenue growth and business referral.

Appearance vs. Reality

There’s perception and then there’s data – and all too often, choices are made based on the easier of the two. It’s pretty common that a client may suddenly want to take a break from campaigns across one channel because they don’t think it’s converting well. However, the reality might be that they’re not looking at the right metrics.

Take organic search for example. On a surface level, a client could be looking at a drop in New Users and Sessions and suddenly thinking that there’s low engagement. However, those two metrics alone don’t tell the complete story. If CTR to the site has increased and conversion volume is up, it’s pretty clear that the client is getting the right traffic that’s converting better than before and delivering more revenue.

Helping the Customer Understand the Data

It’s much better to understand the client’s concerns, and sometimes frustrations, with reporting before you receive any surprise emails. Educate them about all of the necessary metrics and show them how to compare them to previous periods for a more accurate growth picture. From traffic, link clicks, to CTR, CVR, time on site, bounce rate, and ROI, educate the client on how to read the data and understand user behaviour.

Another key point here is to understand the client on a professional and even personal level, and assess the best way to communicate things to them. 70% of all decision makers tend to be from backgrounds that are non-technical and away from IT or Digital. The proof is there in the data, it’s just about aligning it with how they can best understand it.

Delivering Commitment and Engagement

As a digital professional, there’s nothing as gratifying as sharing smashing performance results, especially to clients that may not be as well-versed in online marketing, user behaviour, conversion funnels, reporting, and analytics. It’s a great feeling to help someone have a eureka moment by sharing data that’s meaningful to their business, in an organised and digestible manner.

Always use data as proof of success. Embrace transparency and create comprehensible, easy to read reports with both numerical and visual components as learning methods. Lastly, whether you are starting with a new client or if you aren’t yet doing so with pre-existing clients, educate them about about your approach and operational execution that led to those stellar results. Aligning your approach, methodology, and data together will deliver a powerful client experience that is bound to result in retention and account growth.


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Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed

I help large brands and small businesses with powerful and multi-channel digital marketing strategies. I use an agile approach that aligns your business objectives with a variety of digital channels to deliver optimal customer reach and online success.

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