Social Media Strategy For Niche Jewellery Brands

Running a Niche Jewellery Business? Are You Using Social? Keen to lift your ROAS? See How You Can Do It In Our Case Study!

Kenneth Zhu
Digital Marketing Executive

How would you advertise a Niche Jewellery Brand?

The challenge in crafting a marketing strategy for Niche Jewellery brands lies in the ad concepting process.

The importance of good ad concepting becomes stronger if the Jewellery piece or collection that you are offering is not bought out of necessity. Often, this is the case for niche Jewellery brands.

In this blog post, I will use the Porcupine Designs Collection from Hoki Designs as an example. This was selected as it is within a small niche, making it relevant for this case study. I will walk you through what a good creative strategy looks like as well as the final ad. Note that this is only one possible strategy & ad idea out of many that are appropriate. What is important is not the strategy, idea nor the ad itself. Instead, it is about understanding the different components that you should explore when crafting a creative strategy, idea & eventually the ad that powerfully addresses your single minded proposition.

It is during the creative execution stage where you can look at how you can incorporate your brand identity. There are already many good reads out there on branding. However, I do recommend you to check out one of our blogs on brand positioning. 

Before we start looking into the ad strategy for this case study, let’s examine the Porcupine Designs Collection that we will be working off with. The collection line here is a seasonal collection where each item is only made once and will not be reproduced.

For the Porcupine Designs Collection, there are3 main product classes. These are earrings, talisman and necklace.

Niche Jewelry

The Advertising Strategy

we saw the problem in regards to niche jewellery brands. They are not bought out of necessity. In this case, Porcupine Quills are known to offer the animal protection against its predators. It is also used to craft Jewellery that help provide the wearer a sense of emotional protection.

However, this is not enough. There are still intangible hurdles that needs to be surpassed. To resolved this, we needed to give credibility to our “protection” messaging.

To do this, we researched into the exact times when Porcupine Quills were used into Jewellery manufacturing and also worn for protection purposes. 

Surprise, surprise! This dated back a long time ago; as far back as 590BC.

From this we generated the following creative:

The grey scale colours were selected to bring forth the Mesopotamian tribal motif used in a campaign to show different jewellery products. The colour choice also helped to support the storytelling theme of Ancient Mesopotamians.

As for the highlighting served two goals:

1. Draw attention to the object of the story.

2. Acting as a technique to stand out from Standard Instagram layouts. This helped an engagement rate that is 250% higher than RBG variants of the same visual.

In terms of copy, long copy performed better than short copy. Below was the the best performing long copy:

In 590BC, Ancient Mesopotamians saw Porcupines as an animal of protection. When Porcupines are threatened, their quills, feared to be touched by predators, become dangerous weapons. As the animals age, they shed their quills naturally. The ancient tribes used Porcupine quills to make their Jewellery as a symbol of self-protection.
Here at Hoki Designs, we handcraft our Porcupine Designs collection. Sourced directly from real Porcupines, every piece is unique and will not be reproduced. If you are looking for emotional protection during these uncertain times, our Porcupine Designs Collection is for you.

A Bonus For You!

For the Garnet collection, we took a similar creative strategy of using real historical cases to craft a story to capture interest and add credibility to Hoki Design's intangible benefits. Similar to what we did for the Porcupine Designs Collection, we have tied the Jewellery's intangible benefits to 2020’s uncertain circumstances due to Bushfires, COVID-19 and, more recently, BLM.

Below is the ad creative for the Garnet collection.

Here, long form copy outperformed short form copy by 70%. 

The best performing long form copy was:

Worn by Queen Victoria, the red gemstone - Garnet, is imbued with the powers to protect her against injury and poison. The Garnet is also used to make talismans and rings worn by Medieval warriors to help bring home victory and protect them at war.
Here at Hoki Designs, we handcraft our Garnet collection. Sourced in the crucible of deep Earth, every piece is unique and no second will be made. If you desire a ring or talisman that is imbued to bring you serenity or healing during these uncertain times, our garnet collection is for you.

If you are wondering about Return On Ad Spend figures? We generated an average ROAS of 3.8. For some campaigns, we generated ROAS as high as 6.3x. Plenty of optimisation and scaling potential!

Want to drive brand awareness or increase sales through social? We can do that.

Give us a call at 1300660285 and let's see how we can help you!

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