3 Common Landing Page Mistakes

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Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page

The key to turning leads into sales is a great first impression. One of your best chances at creating a strong first impression is your landing page. Landing pages are simple web pages in which allow you to make your sales pitch. Therefore, it should be eye-catching, engaging, simple and targeted to your audience.
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The Importance of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

Google recently announced that they will prioritise companies that have mobile-friendly websites when people use the search engine on their smartphones or tablet computers. Once seen as a luxury item, smartphones are now a staple of everyday life around the world. The incorporation of smartphones into most people's daily routines has caused some significant changes to the way websites are built, managed, and maintained.
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Have You Thought About Your Content? Why a Content Audit is Integral to Your Digital Strategy

Do you feel lost in an abundance of pages with links leading nowhere? Have you ever wanted to know what your consumers are paying attention to? Does your content convert your prospects into customers? A content audit lies at the heart of any successful digital strategy.
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