Top 30 Franchise Conference - Part 2 White Paper

This White Paper focuses on how Franchisors can leverage various Social Media applications to better protect their brand’s reputation. As the world is more connected now than ever with the Web and social media bringing us together, digital information amplification presents challenges and even risks to company and franchise managers alike.

Joe Hopkins
Digital Marketing Executive

Following the great success of the Top 30 Franchise Executives launch party in Melbourne, CBO is proud to announce, we are releasing the second of our five-part White Paper. This section will cover the complexities with online reputation management for franchisors and offers innovative solutions.

The white paper focuses on how franchisors can leverage various online applications to better protect their brand’s reputation. As the world is more connected now than ever before, with the internet and social media bringing us together, the digital amplification of information poses challenges and even threats for business and franchise managers alike.

Misinformation or a bad reviews can quickly tarnish the solid reputation of a brand. While it's almost impossible to predict when the next harmful blow will be posted, there is much that a business can do to prepare for the imminent virtual assault.

The second White Paper is split into three sections:

1.0 Understanding threats to brand reputation

Brand managers and franchisors must be aware of all digital platforms and social channels to protect their brand and monitor the market. Threats come from all corners so it is important to be on the ball.

2.0 Tips for effective brand compliance

Brand compliance remains the best defence franchisors have against these threats. As we said earlier, it is the crux of the entire business model.

3.0 Tips for effective local review management

Reviews of local franchise locations posted to social media and elsewhere may pose a threat to a brand, but they also constitute a virtual goldmine of information for brand managers who can turn it into a huge asset if managed effectively.

This information arms franchisors and brand managers for the inevitable upset customer who decides to share their negative opinion or experience through the powerful tool of social media.

Keep an eye out for our next instalment, which will cover the benefits of customer journey mapping tools and discuss the successes, failures and (most importantly) the lessons we have learned while managing digital marketing campaigns for large franchisee brands.

Check out the second White Paper here:

And if you missed the first White Paper, you can check it here:

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