Top 8 Social Media Best Practices For Franchise Businesses

Kenneth Zhu
Digital Marketing Executive

The best practices are ones that have been working since the dawn of social media.

As technology and software continue to advance, it is easy to find ourselves lost in what works in 2020. 

Here, I will share with you the right directions that you can take for your social media campaigns that worked for me. These are generating positive results in meeting KPIs & been since the dawn of social media. 

Golden Rule #1 - Have 2 or fail.

A great social media campaign must tick at least two of the following:

  1. Spark a conversation
  2. Impact Culture
  3. Change or Exploit Behaviour
  4. Bring people together
  5. Drive Action

In fact, I would argue all social campaigns must spark a conversation. We are talking about social media, so we should be & stay sociable. Not only this, content that initiates conversations  gives the virality factor that makes your brand stand out. 

Win and Win. 

Look back at your social media campaigns. Did they tick this rule? 

But what I am selling is boring ...

Boring offering you say?

All products, services or ideas can be turned into fresh conversational and/or controversial pieces. If you are finding your content to be not engaging, you should consider hiring someone who is up-to-date. 

Regardless, I will give shed some light into one tactic you can use if you wish to turn your social campaigns into ones that are conversational.

That is … Golden Rule #2.

Golden Rule #2 - Culture is good.

Be cultured around everyday things.  Nothing is irrelevant. There is a real correlation between being fun and creativity. 

Google search reveals thousands of studies on this. 

With culture, you can get creativity. With creativity you are able to embed cultural trends into your social media campaigns. 

What do you get? Attention, Attraction & relevancy.

To me, those are the superpowers that you want to have as a brand. Beyond culture, there is news. This is simple as it is a cheeky backdoor to get people’s attention. 

Check out this social post I did for Selley’s Supaglue in 2017 during the height of the Opal Tower story.

Golden Rule #3 - Tell a story.

Tell a story where possible. Humans love stories. Share yours. 

Is it going to be a story of what’s happening around you that’s famous? Or is it a failed coke party in the office?

Stay human on social. Capture and share your moments. 

Have a look below of two brands sharing the same story. Same picture. Different tones of voice. 

You can do the same as well if it’s a story you wish to share perspective on with the world. 

Golden Rule #4 - Strategy for result.

Have a strategy. If you can, avoid posting on social media for the sake of appearing to be active.

A post is merely a post.  You should turn a post as part of something bigger. One that is part of a strategy.

If you make the post as part of a strategy, it will amplify the message that you are trying to get across to your audience. 

Read my post on the Paddy Power campaign. 

The social media post on Reddit did not go viral because of the post itself. Instead, it was the whole campaign’s message from start to end. 

What it did to capture attention through to the concealed message behind the original post. 

Numbers speak for themselves. They had more than they successfully generated over 35 million twitter impressions in less than 48 hours.

Golden Rule #5 - Automate your work.

Leverage the power of marketing automation. To build ideas, you need time.

Automation saves you time in the areas where you dislike the most. This allows you to focus on creating an engaging and results-driven social media campaign. 

Just as you should search with intent, you would automate with intention. 

If you do marketing automation, you must know about Zapier.  We’re Australia’s largest Zapier-qualified marketing agency. 

Need your work marketing automated? Call us. 

Golden Rule #6 - Sell on the right platforms.

Understand the culture of the social media platform. 

Spend some time to discover and learn about the different personas who are on the various social media platforms that you may want to have a share of voice on. 

The last thing you want is not fitting in on social media for wrong reasons. Putting this to an analogy, you don’t want to go into a pet store asking for tomato sauce. 

Golden Rule #7 - Say no to vertical thinking. 

Learn the rules and break the rules.

To truly break through the competition and arise high, you will need to apply lateral thinking into your social media campaign. 

Of course, this comes to knowing social media and your audience off the back of your hand. 

In order words, know how your consumers position your brand before trying to shake things up.

Lateral thinking is all about solving a problem not by its face value.

If people are spamming the lift button due to impatience, we don't speed up the lift. We put mirrors on the lift doors to solve the problem of impatience.

Golden Rule #8 - A unique voice is a brand. 

Create a unique tone of voice that belongs to only you on social media. 

Figure out what makes your brand unique and transform that into a tone of voice.

Cover the logo of a Nike ad for example. You will still know it’s Nike.

Yes, they may have tons of advertising budgets. But, you should at least develop a unique tone of voice for visitors that engage with your brand as a starting ground. 

And there you have it! Eight tips for social media marketing that I hope to see you incorporate in your next social media campaign.

Need help with driving success through social media marketing? Check out our services.

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