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Google ads

Getting your business in front of people who are actively searching for products or services you provide is easier said than done. We often see people confused with why their Google Ads isn't working, and it's easy to understand why. It can be confusing! The right Google Ads campaign can deliver highly-engaged traffic that puts your business at the forefront of customers options, delivering more sales faster than any other channel. It’s that simple.

Our Google Ads management solutions help brands scale relevant traffic and leads by optimising for performance, not just clicks. Relevancy is king here, which is the key in getting the most out of your budget and identifying new opportunities. Want to learn more about how we can help? Claim your free paid search audit and unlock the true potential of your search campaigns.

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real traffic. real sales. less $@%!

Your competitors know that a strong paid search campaign likely delivers most of their new sales opportunities. It's the reason why Google Ads is the #1 go to digital marketing channel. The challenge is breaking into the market to capture a piece of the pie without any cookie cutter nonsense! That's where we come in.

Worried about wasting money on non-converting clicks? Our advanced knowledge of Googles' tools, services, tricks and analytics allows us to create tailored campaigns that scale over time to combat exactly that! We focus on more than just keyword and clicks metrics, creating enticing sales strategies that fully nurture your customers path to purchase & more. Pay only for the clicks you want from the customers you need.

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helping brands grow 🌻

We work with some of Australia's leading businesses by scaling their search campaign performance to deliver exceptional sales results & opportunities.

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tailored growth strategies

We create transparent partnerships with our clients to scale success at every turn; but defining success varies between every business. Throw away those 'cookie cutter' plans that do nothing for your brand and focus on performance growth, education and results. Your stakeholders will thank you for it.

competitive advantage

We analyse local area competitors to give your campaigns the best shot at success. With budget forecasting, position tracking, search term growth and attribution in mind, we'll make it easy to see what you need to do to smash the competition.

dedicated management

As a Premier Google Partner, our dedicated local area search management team have access to the latest & greatest Google has to offer. From the latest releases, beta features and more, Google trusts us knowing we have the skills to represent them. Now you can trust us knowing we have the skills to help you.

cut costs and increase profits with remarketing

Have you ever visited a brands website only to see their ads everywhere soon after? You've likely been exposed to remarketing campaigns created with the intent of playing off your brand awareness and intent to buy.

We track each visitor and how they engage with your brand to create a tiered strategy that's unique to each individual user. Create 1-on-1 conversations with customers and leads to keep them engaged with your brand and coming back for more again and again.

If you aren't running a search remarketing strategy across your paid search campaigns, then you're doing it wrong and likely spending more to achieve less! From lost leads through to up-sell opportunities, remarketing gives your brand leverage whilst keeping costs down & increasing relevance to your audience.

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stay relevant & front of mind with display ads

We are all unique in how we use the web with no linear path to follow. Whilst some of us are quick to click, others may require further consideration before making a decision on where to go. Google Display Ads give you a creative outlet to engage with your target customer when search is not their priority.

Enter audience segmentation and category targeting. We use Google Display Ads as a way to communicate with customers in like-minded spaces. This means that we contextually use display ads as a native form of advertising found on websites your customers frequent. Typically formed as part of a remarketing plan, display banners allow us to convey product, brand and emotion to encourage a point of sale.

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precision targeting with YouTube ads

Did you know YouTube is not only the second largest search engine, but also generates 20% (on average) more traffic than PPC? Users around the world are using YouTube as a means of education and entertainment, which translates to better advertising opportunities and sales for your business.
Our strategies have seen as much as a 43% uplift in 'new customers' with the addition of YouTube advertising. We'll target your ideal customers with precision control over geography, content, ad formats and interests to create large scale impact that retains user interest long term.

Easily integrated as part of your Google Ads campaign setup, YouTube ads provide a way to maximise performance and expand your customer reach. Boost your YouTube advertising campaigns to obtain brand awareness and consideration from highly engaged customers with even higher intentions.

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frequently asked questions

Why is Google Ads management important for my business?

Google Ads (previously know as Google Adwords) is the most effective form of digital marketing; if managed correctly. Many businesses have been burned by testing the waters and failed to see results, so it's important to have someone who 'just gets it' in your corner. Partnering with a Google Ads management company not only saves you time but gives you the ammunition you need to achieve results at scale.

There's a tremendous amount of data and strategy that goes into a fully realised account structure. From keyword research and quality score segmentation through to impression share analysis and conversion rate optimisations, the number of levers you control to garnish results can be overwhelming. It's important not to miss a beat and remain vigilant, as not retaining your ads placement, visibility and consideration with customers only allows your competitors to steal your thunder!

There's a reason why most of your competitors are using paid search. Gain an advantage and partner with an Australian Google Ads management agency that combines best practice with effective PPC solutions.

Should I run ads with Google search?

100% Yes! In Australia Google retains over 95% of the search engine market, and things are not slowing down anytime soon. It's been proven that effective management with Google Ads can deliver $2 for every $1 you spend in marketing, but more than that paid search is completely measurable, flexible and instantaneous. Compared to traditional marketing channels (and against SEO) it's easier to scale performance short term and identify opportunities in real-time. If your strategy and budget allows it, running paid search ads should always be one of the core channels you focus on.

How do I choose the right Google Ads agency?

Finding the right agency to work with is a challenge. We encourage you to take the time to do some research on any companies you're considering working with and look beyond the simple service(s) they provide. Our motto is that anyone can do paid search, but finding an agency that provides value is priority. That's why at CBO we focus on partnerships with our clients, providing value through education, strategy and performance growth. But what are some things to look out for when choosing 'the one'?

A lot of digital marketing agencies today outsource their work; which is fine if that's what you expect but what if you don't know? Ask your agencies who's doing the work and where are they based? We make it clear with our clients that our team is based in Sydney, and schedule regular meetings/ catch-up calls to align on performance objectives. If you don't know who's doing the work how can you trust you're getting the best service?

It's also worth nothing that good agencies will practice that they preach and know their $@!%. Check out an agencies website for blogs/ updates to see if they're reporting on the latest industry developments or provide updated case studies to read through. If you're speaking to agency reps, they should be knowledgeable and provide meaningful conversations that add value right out of the gate. After years of working in the industry there's nothing worse than hearing someone say "let me check that and get back to you" when simple questions are asked.

At CBO we’re seriously nerdy when it comes to this stuff, because it’s something we’re passionate about and not just a job. With over 15 years experience working with paid search, we’ve seen the industry grow and adapt over time. We know a thing or two when it comes to best practice. Everyone on our team are fully Google Ads & Bing Ads certified and understand what makes a good campaign work. So if you're not scaling your marketing performance then what are you doing?

How to setup a Google Ads Campaign?

There's several ways to get started, but ultimately you want to align your campaigns with your website offerings. Structure continues to play a major role in campaign setup, especially since Google's search algorithm update rolled out last year. This ties back to the end user experience overall, making the experience more relevant and conclusive. Basically keep your campaigns and ad-groups segmented as much as possible between your keywords and ad-copy. You'll be rewarded with improved quality scores, reduced CPC's and more accurate data to report and plan from.

There are however lots of moving parts when it comes to campaign management and setup. If you don't know what to look for you most likely are missing out or haemorrhaging cash flow. One of the biggest problems we hear from clients is that Google Ads is expensive and they see no return. The reality is you can cut costs down considerably if you have the right campaign setup. This requires some skill and education, and is an on-going process to manage. If you're just setting up a campaign and leaving it alone, you're doing it wrong and are likely throwing away your budget.