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Save time & money by nurturing customer relationships with integrated marketing automation. Monitor customer acquisitions and efficiently drive your sales funnel from each milestone to maximise ROI.

Create personalised marketing experiences from real-time audience insights that actually resonate with your customer base. Manage your marketing channels by integrating your existing business systems to paint a tailored marketing experience for customers regardless of what stage in the sales funnel they fall-into. Don't just become efficient on managing your marketing investments, get smarter!

Want to learn more about how we can empower your business marketing operations? Give our marketing automation demo a shot and discover what's you're missing out on.

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The customer experience matters especially during the early stages of your sales funnel. Enhance your customers journey with personalised experiences and communications across a range of marketing channels, including Google Ads Facebook/ Instagram.

As an agency we've helped some of Australia's leading brands automate their workflows with tailored drip-feed marketing campaigns. Unlock the benefits of automation and spend more time on what matters most.

Automated Agency Solutions
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future proof your marketing growth.

Looking to establish a personalised one-on-one conversation with your customers? Send the right messages through personalised marketing automation that adapts with your audience interests.

We create automated marketing solutions that align with your business objectives, creating highly personalised & segmented user workflows that filter through your website, database CRM, emails, SMS, social channels and paid media activities.

Our Sydney & Melbourne agency professionals have successfully built automation strategies including:

  • Build personalised marketing journeys inclusive of client CMS/ CRM software and 3rd party applications. (such as Zapier, PipeDrive, Salesforce and more)

  • Identifying customer booking requests and aligning marketing communications with appointment reminders, sales, and cross-sell opportunities. (Email, SMS & channel re-marketing)

  • Segment audience marketing activities based on specific demographic or user personas for future campaign activities.

  • Mapping the user journey & engagement touch-points to drip-feed segmented customer acquisition & retention strategies.

how do we make it all work together?

We'll help you build workflow solutions that not only empowers your digital marketing communication channels, and actively listens to your customers needs in real-time.

We partner with B2C & B2B businesses alike in establishing automated workflows that compliment your operational standards and aligns with your business objectives. What does that mean for you? Advanced marketing tactics that compliment your digital strategies & e-commerce solutions. If you’re still running a one-size fits all marketing solution then it's time to upgrade your plans.

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experience it for yourself.

Want to see what a personalised customer journey can do for your brand?
Experience it for yourself. No sales calls or spam. Just awesome marketing automation.

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find a solution that works best for you! 🤙

Our marketing experts take the time to invest in your business operations and system integrations. We make it our mission to understand every touch-point to then help establish he best marketing strategy that aligns with your business operations. Enjoy the benefits of working with a dedicated marketing automation agency who is hands-on with every part of your core marketing services.

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frequently asked questions

how much does marketing automation cost?

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Automation in itself is a cost-saving exercise to maximise output and decrease labour costs. At CBO we seek to understand your goals and business objectives first to find the most effective and efficient solution tailored to your budget. From there the rest is dependent on several factors including workflow structure and setup, audience segmentation and system integrations/ capabilities.

It can be complex depending on the size of your business and the systems you are integrating with, but if you have any questions or are looking for some cost indication, our experts are happy to talk to you. Contact us today to learn more.

What does marketing automation do?

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The opportunities are endless and is only restricted by your creativity. We utilise automation to better understand user engagement and segment user data to create better cross-channel marketing campaigns that focus on relevance. This process typically results in increased engagement, acquisition and sales overall.

Create an audience segment of database users that opened your email yesterday but didn’t convert, and then show then a high incentive based ad on Facebook to close the deal. Follow up on engaged users by sending automated SMS messages 5hrs after they visit a specific promo on your website. Speak to one of our experts to brainstorm some ideas of how we can help your brand automate your marketing solutions.

do I need an e-mail marketing automation agency?

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Email marketing can be a tedious task, especially when you haven’t created audience segments or email marketing templates. Working with an agency will allow you to better utilise your time by planning for the future as well as sharing detailed email performance reports. Trust the experts who use this day in and day out. As a marketing manager, or small business owner, your time is better spent elsewhere on more pressing matters. Work with an email marketing automation company that nurtures your customers.

can you integrate marketing automation software with my current CRM?

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Yes! Most marketing automation software is open and allows you to integrate with CRM customer records, triggers, actions and conditions. The benefit of this is that as a manager or business owner you have control on how you're process and user journey works.

Have a new lead that needs to be followed up? Create an automated script that alerts your team members through Slack or via Email or creates a task in your project management system. Moved a lead through the sales pipeline? Automatically send emails to customers that focus on relevance and customer experience. If you can dream it, you can do it.