Design services

You want to rise above the surface of a saturated market place with drop-dead gorgeous form and function.

Companies that give design-thinking a seat at the table are shattering all the records for customer retention, profitability and growth. If you don’t capture the hearts and minds of your customers, rest assured that a competitor will do just that before long.

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build a brand

Brand engagement stretches far beyond a logo and a slogan. But that’s not a bad way to start. Developing or redeveloping a brand identity and formalising a set of guidelines is a crucial step to coordinating multiple campaigns with the net result being a cohesive marketing strategy. CBO branding packs include everything you need to get started.

scalable design system

Often, traditional brand guidelines don’t correlate 1:1 to a complete digital presence, because there are so many new factors to consider. We’re talking text and colour hierarchy, shadows and layering, information layout, data visualisation, web-safe fonts, accessibility guidelines. CBO design systems help your branding stay clean and consistent no matter which way you're marketing and/or strategy turns in the future.

We’ve nurtured the branding of household names throughout Australia, including:

  • Lendi - Full branding pack and platform designs (logo)

  • LCA - Taking a new rebrand digital with web style guide and layouts

design services

branding pack

Rise above the rest with an impactful brand look and feel. We create a logo complete with colour, type and space guidelines plus all the collateral you need to launch or relaunch your brand.

digital style guides

As an extension to your brand guidelines, we build out the essence of your branding into a consistent, scalable and beautiful system that’s ready for omnichannel marketing strategies and digital products.

web design

When it comes to setting your website apart with bang-on-trend styling and dazzling interaction, look no further. We promote your business in the very best light and take care of designing for optimal user experience and accessibility.

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