Digital Marketing for a Franchise System in 2019

In this white paper we discuss the various facets of digital marketing and how marketing managers can use them to meet the objectives of brand, local and franchisee in 2020.

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With the right marketing toolkit, franchisors and their marketing managers can effectively engage with every potential customer and potential franchisee, no matter where they are in the marketing funnel.

A strong digital marketing strategy can transform a franchise system and all of the franchisees that exist under it.

Revenues can multiply, investors can flood in, and the franchise system will truly start operating at full capacity.

This covers the following:
  • The Marketing Funnel – While a marketing funnel can be complex and multi-staged, we will discuss it from a much simpler perspective.
  • Brand Marketing – The goal is singular. Highlight the brand and its products in a way that will build an audience.
  • Local Marketing – The awareness stage of local marketing is all about pointing potential customers to their local franchises.
Digital Marketing for a Franchise System in 2019
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