How Marketing Automation Can Support Your Business Operations

For most businesses, marketing is directly connected to sales. Sales can only function if it gets the brand awareness, leads, and goodwill from marketing.

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Business already understand the connection between marketing and sales. It is less common for a business to make the link between marketing and business operations. Yet, it can be immensely powerful in helping you run your business.

Marketing feeds into sales, but marketing can also feed into operations - leading to a more complete cycle.

This white paper discusses how marketing, especially marketing automation, plays a part in ensuring the smooth running of a business.

This covers the following:
  • What is Marketing Automation – Marketing automation is at its heart a broad term for all technology that helps businesses streamline their everyday marketing needs.
  • How Marketing Automation Can Apply to Business Operations – At its best, marketing automation doesn’t just take routine tasks out of your hands. It also centralises your data, implements processes to leverage that data, and continually optimises itself to improve ROI.
  • Expand Your View of Marketing Through Automation – It doesn’t have to be limited to driving brand awareness or new customers. It’s about optimising every touch point they have, and every process that occurs in the background to streamline that touch point.
How Marketing Automation Can Support Your Business Operations
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