Online Reputation Management Franchisors

In this white paper, we discuss both areas of focus and make recommendations for how franchisors can leverage digital tools to protect brand reputation.


The free flow and amplification of information online poses challenges for brand managers of franchise businesses, for whom the strength of a brand is the make or break determinant of success.

Protecting a brand from unexpected and damaging crises requires vigilance and attention to managing the worst impulses of franchisees and customers alike.

Although it is never possible to anticipate when the next "nightmare" story might appear and grow, franchisors can protect themselves by investing in brand compliance (particularly franchisee marketing compliance) and local review management

This covers the following:
  • Understanding threats to brand reputation – In the digital age, brand managers for franchisors have more channels to monitor than ever to ensure their brand remains valuable. Threats come from all corners.
  • Tips for effective brand compliance – Brand compliance remains the best defence franchisors have against these threats. As we said earlier, it is the crux of the entire business model.
  • Tips for effective local review management – Reviews of local franchise locations posted to social media and elsewhere may pose a threat to a brand, but they also constitute a virtual goldmine of information for brand managers who can turn into a huge asset if managed effectively.
Online Reputation Management Franchisors
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